Can I still access therapeutic support?

Covid-secure therapy in person is offered at the moment in line with the most recent government guidelines. 


Therapeutic support is also available digitally via telephone and video platforms. This is a secure and popular choice amongst clients who find it safe, convenient and equally as effective.

Please contact me if you require any further information or to arrange a meeting. 

Your Well-Being In Good Hands

Experience Change With Professional Support

Are you struggling with issues related to self-esteem, anger, grief, depression, anxiety, family/relationship problems, past abuse or major life changes? 

Or perhaps just not feeling as happy or content as you would like to? 

There comes a time when help is needed from a certified mental health professional to cope with many of life’s challenges. 

I’m a well qualified, registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist based in the West Lancashire area.  I offer tailored support from my comfortable, peaceful, private, accessible therapy room with ample free parking located conveniently near to both the M58 and M6 motorways.  I also provide secure, digital therapy for those who need or prefer to work in this way. 

Therapy offers you a safe, confidential space to:


Talk, think or cry


Safely confront feelings or painful experiences


Confidentially share burdens


Make sense of things


Receive a different perspective


Understand yourself better


Resolve complicated feelings


Recognise unhelpful patterns in the way you act or think 


Feel less alone


It is often easier to talk to someone other than family or friends. 
I'm here to support you on your journey toward healing and self-discovery.


About me

Hi, my name is Stephanie.  


Just a little bit about me so you know me a little better. I have always been interested in how the mind works. I studied Psychology A' Level when I left school and also went on to study Counselling alongside my job as a Learning Mentor at a local further education college. 


Still not satisfied, I returned to full time education as a mature student to complete 3 years specialist training in Counselling and Psychotherapy.  I was awarded a first class honours degree in this field alongside gaining experience in a wide range of areas including GP surgeries, schools, colleges, university, third sector organisations and charities.


I am very fortunate to enjoy the best in work/life balance by counselling part-time during term-time within education, alongside managing my successful private practice.  This allows me to work flexibly to spend precious quality time with my family.


I  feel incredibly lucky as counselling is not just my job, it is my passion.


About Therapy

I offer effective Counselling and Psychotherapy methods to nurture self-understanding within you; helping you to find clarity regarding your attitudes and feelings towards life situations.

It is essential to keep in mind that therapy is not a 'magic pill' or a 'quick fix'; therapy is a healing PROCESS that necessitates mutual participation and investment from both the client and therapist. Ultimately, exploring feelings of sadness, fear, and pain in a safe, confidential space CAN bring life-altering results.  Therapy may seem like a significant financial outlay. However when weighing this up, it is worth asking yourself...


"What is more valuable to you than your mental wellbeing?"

"What is more important than getting the most out of life?"


This is an investment in you and your emotional wellbeing for the rest of your life. The lasting rewards of greater joy, energy and wellbeing will hopefully be more than adequate compensation. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question you’d like to ask?

I’m committed to giving clients the best care and experience I can. There’s no such thing as a bad or silly question when it comes to mental health.

So, check out the answers to the FAQs below, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any additional questions.

How long does each therapy session last?

Each session lasts for 1 hour. 

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What kind of therapy do you practice?

I specialise in Person-Centred Experiential Counselling and Psychotherapy. This means working with what you are experiencing at the moment; a careful noticing of your process; highlighting what may be out of your awareness and encouraging exploration of your deeper feelings.


I hope you will find clarity in what you are/have been feeling and of your life experiences. You are always in control of this process and my offerings will always be tentative and only if I believe they are in your best interests.  

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What can I expect from our first meeting?

To potentially feel nervous as most clients do! This is perfectly normal and to be expected. 

Thankfully I am happy to say that most of my clients comment on the fact that they quickly felt at ease in our surroundings. Some clients even comment on how relaxing our space is! 

Our first meeting depends entirely on you and what you prefer. I offer a free, 15 minute, no obligation telephone chat for you to see if you feel comfortable with me and ask any questions you may have.  Alternatively some people are sure that they want to start therapy straight away and that is also fine. 

Before any therapeutic work takes place, I will send you a quick Registration Form to complete and some further information which is important in explaining how I can protect your confidentiality amongst other things. 

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How much is each therapy session?

All therapy sessions are £40 per hour.

(EAP rates vary)



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How can I pay for my sessions?

Payment is required at least 24 hours before each session by bank transfer.  No appointment is confirmed until payment has been received. Receipts are always available upon request. 

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What happens if I cannot make my session?

I understand that life happens, as do unforeseen situations.  I also believe our relationship is based on mutual trust. As a result, I respectfully ask for as much notice as possible if you need to cancel your appointment and a minimum of 12 hours notice. 


When a session is booked, arrangements are made for this time to be reserved entirely for you. Hence, sessions missed with less than 12 hours notice are normally charged the session rate. 


How long will it be before I feel differently?

The simple truth is therapy is different for each person! Some people only require a few sessions to feel differently and some clients need or just prefer longer term work. Most clients feel that they get the most from their therapy if it is on a weekly basis, at least to start with.


It's always your choice regarding how long you want to work together and I am happy to work on a short or long term basis. All I ask for is commitment from you for as long as we do work together and you can be assured that you will receive this from me. 

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How can I be sure you are an ethical practitioner?

Good question! There are sadly some people out there who offer counselling services when they have only completed for example, a quick online counselling course.


I assure you that I have completed thorough training to degree level focused entirely on Counselling and Psychotherapy. 


Committed to continuous professional development, I am also a fully registered member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP). The BACP is regulated by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) to ensure that all members are safe, professional, ethical practitioners who have completed the minimum standards of training. I also hold full, indemnity insurance, enhanced DBS (police) clearance and am registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

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What are the benefits of having therapy?

Counselling and Psychotherapy can bring you benefits of clearer direction in your life; a different outlook; more control of your present and future; an increase in your self-confidence and ultimately fulfilling your potential. 


Therapy sessions actually cost no more than regular hair or beauty treatments which are only temporary... Results from therapy can last a lifetime.


Can’t find the answer to your question? Contact me today and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


Kind Words Received

Client's Experiences

(names anonymised to protect confidentiality)

Thank you for listening over the past 6 weeks which has enabled me to open up comfortably about events in my life and the part they have played in contributing to how I have been feeling which I have bottled up for far too long. You have helped me immensely.


Our sessions have been a big help to me.  By talking to you, I can now see there are many things I can change. I know that I am important and I do matter and I never thought I did. Its been enlightening and a relief getting things off my chest.


Coming to see you each week has been a huge help to me. Just what I needed. I am at the start of a long road but I know now from our sessions just what I need and want to do. Be proud of what you do.



With You Every Step Of The Way


During our therapy sessions, I assure you will receive my fullest, warmest, tailored and focused attention to meet your needs. 


If you would like to benefit from my professional experience and skills, please use the 'Contact Me' form below or feel free to call or email me...

whichever feels comfortable for you! 

I look forward to hopefully meeting you soon! 


Appointment Times

 are between...

Thursday & Friday: 10am - 7pm (last appointment is 6pm)

But you can contact me anytime and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 


Contact Me

01695 667203/07368 674604

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"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become"

Carl Jung